BEST Life Short Term Disability is designed to provide coverage for non-workrelated injuries or sickness. We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of your employer groups:

Employees returning to work faster and bringing a company’s productivity back on track.  
Worry-free coverage for recurrent disabilities.  
Financial security and greater peace of mind for everyone.  

BEST Life Short Term Disability

Group Sizes 5+

Short term disability plans are a great way to protect valued employees from the loss of income due to an injury or sickness. The benefits of offering short term disability include:

Create your own employer-sponsored or voluntary plan  
Add maternity or partial disability benefits.  
Increased benefits available for groups with more than 50 employees enrolling.  

Flexibility on Voluntary and Employer-Sponsored Plans

Creating your own short term disability plan is easy. By selecting the benefits you want, you can provide your clients with more choices and flexibility.

Maternity Coverage (Optional)

Eligible employees can use their short term disability benefits when they take maternity leave.

Partial Disability Coverage (Optional)

This benefit provides employees an incentive to return to work by paying them the full benefit amount in addition to their current weekly earnings.


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